'We need to pay attention' - American living in NZ says Trump's victory a wake-up call for the west

Rather than fleeing the United States, those opposed to Donald Trump should try and learn why the country turned his way and do what they can to make the place better.

Online searches for NZ real estate are up and Canada’s immigration site crashed under weight of demand. Source: 1 NEWS

In the wake of Trump's upset win over Hillary Clinton, searches for New Zealand property from the US has skyrocketed, and Canada's immigration website crashed.

Pallas Cotter, a former journalist who lives in this country, says now is the time to listen and learn, not leave.

"This is something very important that we need to pay attention to not just in America, because there are large swathes of people in the States, in the UK and Europe and we'll see elections there too that may share this sentiment," she told 1 NEWS.

Elaine Massa said a Clinton victory would have alarmed more of the population than Trump's has.

"I think if Hillary had won I would know more people that would wanna get out of that country because of the oppression and the impoverishment that occurs."

Republican part donor Craig Rowland was delighted with Trump's success, and said it would be good for New Zealand.

"Trump is actually not going to be a disaster for NZ, it's going to be good for NZ because he's going to bring a lot of sanity back and that's what western countries need," he said.