'We love kids' – Auckland hair salon owners defend blunt message to parents over unruly children

An east Auckland hair salon's owners say they don't hate kids, after becoming so fed up with misbehaving children they raised kids' cut prices to the same as adults.

HAiR Salon owners Ritchyrd and Jess Hirst posted on Facebook yesterday asking parents who bring children in to "consider others" and announcing the price rise for kids' cuts.

The post has attracted hundreds of comments and nearly 100 shares, and it received a mixed reaction, with some praising them for taking a stand, while others posted comments saying the tone of the post was off.

Seven Sharp went to visit the salon today and asked the owners if they "hated kids".

"No! We have our own kids, and all our friend have kids, we love kids," Ritchyrd and Jess Hirst said.

However, while the pair are trimming and cutting kids are often running amuck in the salon.

"They're ripping magazines, they're rubbing snot on the furniture, they're swinging round on the stools, yeah just running wild, really."

A message posted online by HAiR Salon
A message posted online by HAiR Salon. Source: Facebook/1 NEWS graphic/Google Streetview

It was after one particularly bad morning that the owners decided to raise the cost of kids' haircuts to the same as adults.

"I think we just had one really bad morning, so much went wrong in here with the children," Jess said.

Since posting the announcement to Facebook the owners say the phone has been ringing off the hook.

"We've definitely had some really negative stuff. Comments like 'oh the owners of that salon need bullets' and 'we're gonna get our kids to go in there and crap on the floor and rub it all in'".

However, they say there's been a lot of people calling in to support the decision as well.

There are no laws against charging adult prices for children's haircuts, but retailers are not allowed to charge more for goods or service than what they initially advertise.

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HAiR Salon owners Ritchyrd and Jess Hirst have decided to start charging children as adults after a "really bad" morning. Source: Seven Sharp

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