'We lost a bro' - Auckland's homeless pay tribute to man who died on church step

A homeless man has made an emotional tribute to a fellow rough sleeper who died on the step of Manurewa's Methodist Church.

Friends say Haami Manahi, who had schizophrenia and preferred a life on the street, "would give you his last dollar". Source: 1 NEWS

Haami Manahi, 59, had schizophrenia and after leaving prison decided to live on the street.

To his friends, however, he was just a good bloke.

"We lost a bro through homelessness," Ray Kingi said at his memorial service, which was held at the church where Mr Manahi died recently.

"He would give you his last dollar, he'd give you the shirt off his back."

The local MP, Labour's Louisa Wall, thanked the church for opening its doors and hearts to South Auckland's homeless.

She said she was negotiating with a local health service so that men and women like Mr Manahi could get access to primary care.