We knew Auckland's traffic was bad - but is it really worse than New York's?

Auckland has been labelled worse than New York for traffic congestion.

Motorway traffic, Auckland. Source: Breakfast

A new report by a GPS navigation company says congestion adds up to twelve working days for our biggest city's commuters every year.

But although Aucklanders face the worst rush hour traffic, Wellington has been ranked the third worst city in Australasia with Christchurch at number six.

Traffic Index, annual research carried out by navigation company TomTom, shows New Zealanders add working 88 hours to their year by sitting in traffic.

The worst area unsurprisingly in New Zealand to be stuck in traffic was Auckland with commuters adding 95 hours to their year sitting in traffic. The City of Sails came in at 41 on the list of most congested cities, while New York was ranked at 45.

Coming in second was Wellingtonians who add 93 hours to their commute a year followed by Cantabrians who add 77 hours a year.

For Aucklanders and Cantabrians, Tuesday mornings are the most congested times to travel.

Wellingtonians are guaranteed to clock up those commuting hours on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, with congestion being at its heaviest on those days.

Friday is the quietest day for commuting in the three major cities.

The news isn't all bad though. The research shows New Zealand is not the worst country to be stuck in traffic, coming 41st in the global rankings.

Istanbul takes that top spot being the most congested city in the world.