'We just wish they would pull over' - Police name teen who died riding in the boot of stolen car which fled police near Wellington

Police say the teen who died after the stolen vehicle he was in crashed north of Wellington was riding in the boot.

He has this afternoon been named as Bailey Patmore of Cannons Creek, 15.

Police reported the chase took place last night and have this afternoon given additional details.

The officer who gave chase was a dog handler and he noticed the car with five passengers travelling at speed near the Terrace Tunnel in Wellington.

Bailey Patmore
Bailey Patmore Source: Bailey Patmore/Facebook

He followed them and after checking the plate, he realised the car was stolen and tried to pull them over - the driver did not stop.

The car then crashed near the Tawa Interchange north of Wellington on State Highway 1.

A sixth passenger was then found to be in the car - Bailey riding in the boot - and he died at the scene.

Four other teens, as well as one 21-year-old, were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

"This is an incredibly sad time for the family of the teen who died, and May 19 will never have the same meaning for them again," Wellington District commander Superintendent Sam Hoyle said.

"The motivations for fleeing are many and varied and it's hard at times to understand the mentality of fleeing drivers - we just wish they would pull over."

The accident is being investigated and police say they will name the dead teen as soon as possible.

A teenager died after a crash south of Tawa while riding in the boot - the driver had failed to stop for police.
A teenager died after a crash south of Tawa while riding in the boot - the driver had failed to stop for police. Source: Google Streetview/1 NEWS composite

Dunedin man who filmed women showering, stole underwear, sentenced to eight months' home detention

A Dunedin man who filmed women showering and stole underwear has been sentenced to eight months' home detention and ordered to pay compensation to his victims.

Rowan Blackbourn, a 20-year-old student, appeared in Dunedin District Court this week after pleading guilty to five counts of burglary and three of making intimate visual recordings, the Otago Daily Times reports.

Mr Blackbourn was caught three months after his crime spree began after dropping his phone and wallet at the scene on October 20.

The Otago Polytechnic student broke into a Queen Street property and stole two pairs of underwear before breaking into a neighbouring flat where the man was caught folding a pair of woman's underwear when she woke up, causing the man to flee.

Mr Blackbourn dropped his phone and the stolen underwear in the home, before dropping his wallet while clambering over a fence.

"I was suffering from major depression and stress-related issues," Mr Blackbourn told the Otago Daily Times.

"I am still unsure to this day why I did it."

The student began in Maori Hill in July last year when he filmed a woman in a flat showering and getting dressed, placing the video in a folder named "the goods".

Three weeks later, Mr Blackbourn was just metres away from the scene of his prior crime, on Lachlan Ave, when he filmed a woman showering through a window which was left ajar.

The 84-second video ended when the victim yelled after noticing the student kneeling outside her home, causing him to run home where he viewed the footage.

Mr Blackbourn's behaviour continued to escalate when the man filmed his flatmate's friend showering and, later, his flatmate in the nude, by hiding his phone in a toilet bag.

In September, the 20-year-old broke into a flat and stole three pairs of womens underwear drying on a laundry rack, he stuffed the garments in his pocket and left when he heard movement from upstairs.

The garments were later disposed of.

It was clear the man had "used them" while watching the ilicit videos, Judge Kevin Phillips said.

Defence counsel Noel Rayner argued that the offending had taken place when Mr Blackbourn was intoxicated.

"He may have been drinking but was capable of what he was doing in a stealthy way," Judge Phillips said.

"You made the alarming comment to Probation that you got away with it, so you continued to do it."

The judge said Mr Blackbourn was remorseless but the former student, now employed at a freezing works, denied it, saying he was "fully regretful and sincerely sorry to all the victims".

Mr Blackbourn, who did not see himself as "a pervert" but feared others would, said coming clean to his flatmates over the secretly-filmed shower tapes was the "hardest and most embarrassing experience of my life".

Judge Phillips sentenced Mr Blackbourn to eight months' home detention and was ordered to pay $700 to eight victims, including more than $100 to the bill for the stolen underwear.

Source: istock.com


Possible thunderstorms for North Island tonight and gales for South Island tomorrow

MetService has issued a severe weather warning for gale-force winds and heavy rain in some parts of the South Island.

A front will pass over central parts of the country today bringing bouts of rain to much of the North Island, but it will weaken as it goes.

On Sunday, another front will hit the South Island, brings warning-level rain and powerful winds to Fiordland, much of the Southern Alps, Westland, and the Canterbury and Otago lakes.

Parts of the Canterbury High Country and Canterbury Plains are also expected to be hit by the strong wind.

Thunderstorms are also possible across some of the North Island from this afternoon, especially the western coast from Auckland south to Taranaki.

Other areas less likely to receive thunderstorms include Cormandel and Bay of Plenty, Auckland city, Hamilton and the Waikato, southern and easter Taranaki, Manawatu, the Kapiti coast, and southern Westland along the coast.

Road snowfall warnings are in place today on the Crown Range Road and Milford Road.

For a full forecast for your region, see our weather page here.

Source: 1 NEWS