'We just found it really difficult': Video shows Wellington woman's air lounger refusing to inflate, then goes pop


A Wellington woman says a popular air lounger broke on its second use as Consumer New Zealand says it's received numerous queries about the inflatable outdoor furniture.

Video posted on Facebook by Erina Teariki Flanagan of an inflatable air couch, the Big Mouth Couch, shows two women seemingly battling to use it.

The footage shows Ms Flanagan's friend trying several ways to inflate the couch, including running down a driveway with it and holding it out the window of a moving car.

The video post is titled "This s**t is not as easy as it looks on tv".

"We just found it really difficult [to inflate]," Ms Flanagan told 1 NEWS NOW.

Instruction on the Big Mouth Couch website specifies: 1. Scoop with air 2. Roll up and clip to seal 3. Lay back and relax.

The video shows a woman sitting on the finally inflated couch only for it to deflate to the ground and break under the weight of the woman's body.

Ms Flanagan said this was the second time her Big Mouth Coach, given to her as a Christmas present, has been used. And it broke.

If they're not possible to inflate that means a serious failure"
Consumer NZ CEO

The 1:32 minute video was posted on Facebook on January 8 where it's since been viewed more than 40,000 times.

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin told 1 NEWS NOW they've received calls about various inflatable devices that people are having trouble with.

"If they're not possible to inflate that means a serious failure. Consumers can ask for their money back or a replacement."

On Friday, Water Safety New Zealand warned consumers not to use popular inflatable loungers in the water following a number of incidents in Australia.

"We urge people not to use [them] in the water this summer," WSNZ CEO Jonty Mills said.

"The reports out of Australia indicate some of these products present a potential drowning hazard and should be kept out of pools and not used in the water at our beaches, rivers and lakes," Mr Mills said.

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