'We don't doubt the science on climate change' - petroleum exploration boss

Climate change protesters are putting the heat on the Government to scale back its oil exploration programme.

At a conference in Auckland, Petroleum Explorers and Production Association's Cameron Madgwick dismissed Greenpeace’s protests. Source: 1 NEWS

The protesters made their voice heard at a petroleum conference in Auckland, blocking delegates from entering SkyCity.

"We can't even burn even half of the oil we know we've got and still have a safe climate, so it's really, really irresponsible to be looking for more oil," protester Florence Reynolds said.

Today, the Government tendered fresh exploration permits covering more than 500,000 square kilometres.

The protest also comes in the aftermath of the hottest ever month recorded worldwide.

"If we needed any sort of wakeup call on how rapidly climate change is happening that was it, February was it," Greenpeace climate and energy spokesman Steve Abel said.

Cameron Madgwick of the Petroleum Explorers and Production Association said: "We don't doubt the science behind the climate change but we also have to understand like everyone around the world that there has to be an energy mix."