'We are different leaders' – Jacinda Ardern on Helen Clark’s assertion she’d take harder line over Labour youth camp incident

Jacinda Ardern described herself and Helen Clark as "different leaders", when asked about Miss Clark's comments on the handling of the Young Labour camp incident. 

It was reported Helen Clark said people would not have kept their jobs under her leadership during the Young Labour camp incident. Source: 1 NEWS

An internal Labour Party report, overseen by Maria Austen, investigated how party officials handled allegations after four teens said they were sexually harassed or assaulted during a Young Labour camp, near the Coromandel town of Waihi in February.

The Labour Party released the recommendations from the report this week.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark told the Rotorua Daily Post yesterday, "people wouldn't have kept their jobs" in the wake of the camp.

"Draw your own conclusions, go back to how I dealt with things like this."

Today Ms Ardern told 1 NEWS her and Miss Clark are "different leaders". 

"That issue at that time I dealt with as I saw fit, as I'm dealing with these issues now as I see fit," Ms Ardern said in reference to Labour MPs Meka Whaitiri who stood down from her ministerial portfolios yesterday and Clare Curran who was demoted last Friday.

"I'm entirely comfortable with the decisions I've made."

During a speech yesterday to the Property Council, Stuff reported Miss Clark commending Ms Ardern's performance in the business sector, saying she was "doing the right thing".

"She's firmly focused on the need to engage with the economic sector, pretty much the same path we trod."