'We did not mean to upset them' - Jay-Jay Harvey apologises for Tom Cruise prank which made More FM host cry




The Edge host Jay-Jay Harvey has made an apology over a radio prank on fellow DJs at More FM which some have labelled "workplace bullying".

More FM's Simon Barnett believed he had lined up an on-air interview with actor Tom Cruise, currently in New Zealand shooting a movie, and was very excited about talking to the screen icon on Friday.

The station had promoted the interview extensively and Barnett made no secret of the fact he considered himself a huge fan of Cruise.

But instead of the star, an impersonator was hired by The Edge to call More FM for the interview, and he chatted with Barnett for more than ten minutes before The Edge's DJs broke in a revealed it was a trick.

Rather than take it lightheartedly, the More FM hosts were audibly upset and even angry - host Samantha Baxter broke down in tears while Barnett and Gary McCormick were stunned almost into silence.

The backlash against The Edge has been immense, with some calling the stunt cruel and even an example of workplace bullying.

Harvey yesterday posted on her official Facebook page saying she had decided to make a public apology.

"I don't have to make this statement, and in fact, most people have been telling me to say nothing ... but it has obviously created quite a stir," she began.

"Firstly, I am not the sort of person who would ever intentionally want to hurt someone or upset them ... I dont personally know many people who would.

"Our main goal was to stitch up some fellow radio colleagues, much like what we do to ourselves on our own radio show.

"We sincerely thought Si and Gary would find our prank call funny and laugh it off, calling us out, and maybe even get us back one day. We did not mean to upset them like we did.

"We have been very good work friends with Simon over the years, and we have even had him on our show to do a funny bit when he wanted to win Justin Bieber tickets from us. So you can see why we thought he would appreciate the gag. He didn't though, and I am sorry.

"When I heard his Producer Sam crying, my heart sunk in my chest. None of us saw that coming and we would never have wanted that to happen.

"I have been in contact with Simon and personally apologised and he has replied. We both had a good discussion and I understand how he felt at the time. I asked for his forgiveness and he gave it to me.

"I have also messaged Sam, who I adore. I was having a few wines with her at the radio awards just last week, so of course I feel horrible for upsetting her like that.

"Sometimes we miss the mark completely.

"I have noticed that people who are accusing us of ‘bullying’ are being much more nasty and personal to us, when in perspective, we just pulled a prank on the radio to our workmates. And we have apologised.

"And we would like to apologise to anyone else who was offended by it."

Meanwhile, Baxter posted on the official Si & Gary Facebook page that: "Things were very raw on air yesterday morning we were embarrassed, but feeling a lot better now!

"As Simon said we are really keen to move on from this and find the real Tom Cruise."

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