Water fountains and public taps turned off in Auckland to save water


Auckland's drinking fountains will no longer be available to quench thirsts, as the council has shut them down due to the water shortage.

Auckland Council, Watercare's biggest customer, is turning off 300 drinking fountains as part of its conservation effort.
Source: 1 NEWS

The recent flooding dramatically reduced the amount of water which could be treated for consumption in the region, and Auckland Council is doing its bit to reduce usage by turning off the fountains.

Council spokesman Barry Potter said the situation will be reassessed soon, and the fountains turned back as soon as possible.

"Unfortunately some of these water fountains, drinking fountains are plumbed into things that we do need to turn off," he said.

Water features, beach showers and public taps have also been turned off, and restrictions also apply to non-essential irrigation and window washing.

Popular dog-walking sites like Meola Reed in Auckland are also affected - and the pups may be feeling the heat after a long run.

Auckland Regional Council's Public Health Service says it's a good move, as it could help to avoid a public boil water notice.

However, it's also keen to see the taps back on soon, as it gives people an alternative to sugary drinks.

Aucklanders used 376 million litres of water yesterday - a record low since water savings measures began - but Watercare is still suggesting that people continue to conserve.

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