Watch: 'You've had nine years, it's time you handed over' - Ardern slams English on housing




Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says National's Bill English had had nine years to fix house prices and "it's time you handed over to someone who has a vision and a plan".

Debating housing, Ms Ardern said we're in a position now "where first home buyers are staring down the face of home ownership that's the worst it's been in 60 years".

"I do not accept that our teachers, our nurses, our police officers can't get into their first home," she said.

"I do not accept that that is the future for this country. We've got to do things differently. You've had nine years, it's time to hand over to someone who has a vision and a plan."

Mr English hit back, saying National has got a vision for the housing. 

"There's 30,000 houses a year getting built."

He said a capital gains tax will "stall that comprehensively" as will cutting back the immigration that supplies the skills.

"Labour's actual polities will stall the house build," Mr English said.

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