Watch: Young mum defies the odds to ensure a future for herself and her daughter

A young mum has defied the odds to ensure a successful future for herself and her daughter.

Hannah Mckeich, a former teen mum, started the independent make-up brand Colour Junkie in late 2016 after a partner turned violent.

"I had always been entrepeneurial and I always had that sort of hustle thing in me, but it wasn't until that point where I thought, 'I could die tonight. Life is short and I'm not wasting any more time. I'm gonna go for it'," she says.

Ms McKeich's father, Brent Mckeich, says he was never around for his daughter but is glad to be back in her life as an adult.

"It kind of haunted me a bit, but I had situations that I needed to deal with, and I don't believe I could have been any use as a parent at that time in my life.

"I'm very sorry for not being there for Hannah, however, like I said we're moving forward and every day is a new day," he says.

Ms Mckeich says she might "cry happy tears" seeing her products in stores.

"It's just going to be so mind-blowing seeing my products next to, like, Australis.

"I'm just like, 'What? That's crazy!'" she syas.

Colour Junkie is slated to hit Life Pharmacy's shelves later this year.

Behind the story of make-up brand Colour Junkie is the dysfunctional past of a woman who always knew she was different. Source: Seven Sharp