Watch: Young daredevil jumps off moving train into Waikato River, then second 'cheeky' kid hides from cops walking beneath




"We just don't give a f***".

That's how one resident from the Waikato town of Ngaruawahia is responding after footage emerged on Facebook showing a young boy jumping off a moving train and into the Waikato River.

Hamilton man Simon Howe, who travelled to the Hamilton town for a swim yesterday, recorded the boy jumping off a train moving across the bridge that runs parallel to Great South Road in Ngaruawahia, just north of Hamilton.

He told 1 NEWS the train in the video was the fourth that day to cross the Ngaruawahia rail bridge, which is notorious for people jumping off and into the river.

Mr Howe said the train had to stop before moving onto the bridge because more than 10 kids were on it, waiting to jump off.

The train then started moving at a slow pace.

He posted the video it to the Kiwi Az Bro Facebook page. He then posted another video, of police officers arriving at the bridge looking for people jumping off it.

In the video, one boy is seen lying dead-still on the train bridge's railing, as two police officers walk across the bridge beneath him.

"This is nothing new... the people here are used to it, but, there's a bit of concern for some kids who hop onto that bridge... some of them are five or six years old," he said.

One man behind the camera calls the boy a "cheeky little s***" before he bursts into laughter.

One person commented on the video saying "yup, we don't give a f***... it's our own risk, that's how we do it in Ngaraz.

"Happy to see it's still the same."

Another Facebook user, Titan Trevor, wrote, "only in Ngaruawahia".

Police confirmed to 1 NEWS NOW they were called to the bridge yesterday over a group of kids "stopping trains and throwing rocks at trains".

The children were moved along but no one was arrested.

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