Watch: Young Christchurch kid opens up his home for friends after they were evacuated: 'They had nowhere to stay'




Young Christchurch lad Toby Kennedy couldn't bear to see his friends, who had to leave their homes yesterday, without a bed or a roof over their head.

So Toby and his family told the friends they could stay over for the night while the Port Hills fire rages.

Young teen Toby Kennedy, 12, had mates stay over last night after fire destroyed their home.

Toby, 12, and his mates are students from Cashmere Primary School.

They, along with their friend Isla Calder, 10, are spending their day off school to monitor the Port Hills fires from a safe distance.

Toby's family has taken in two of his male friends that live nearby after they were evacuated yesterday.

Toby says his mates are doing "pretty well" despite not knowing if their house is intact today.

Isla's family have self-evacuated, and she says seeing the flames yesterday was "really scary".

She said her family grabbed some belongings before leaving to stay with her grandparents.

She feels sad for the people who have lost their homes, she said.

Cashmere Primary School Principal Gavin Burn said the school's thoughts are with the whanau of the school as well as the wider community, on a post on the school's website.

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