Watch: Winston Peters won't decide on coalition partner until after special votes counted on Oct 7, blasts media in fiery press conference




Winston Peters says it's possible he'll speak to Bill English or Jacinda Ardern before October 7 when special votes are counted, but he can't say what he's going to do on coalitions until he's "seen all the facts".

Mr Peters spoke to the media after NZ First's first caucus meeting in Wellington.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Peters said he'd want to put those caveats on them too.

In a press conference taken up largely with attacks on the media, Mr Peters said he saw a lot of voters in the campaign but didn't see a lot of the reporters there today. 

Mr Peters was in a combative mood from the moment he arrived in the capital.
Source: 1 NEWS

He slammed one paper for saying "he's up to his old trick of keeping everyone guessing".

Mr Peters said reporters should point to the Electoral Commission and others "and ask yourself why 384,000 won't have their votes counted until the 7th October. That could be reason New Zealand First has to hold its view".

The NZ First leader was giving very little, if nothing, away when he arrived in Wellington.
Source: 1 NEWS

He said he's "not going to be persuaded by the speculative drivel by some of you," and said this would be the last press conference he's going to hold until after October 7.  

He said all views of the caucus would be considered, and it's possible he'll speak with Mr English and Ms Ardern earlier than October 7. 

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