Watch: Winston Peters suggests the 'only job at risk' in NZ is Simon Bridges' during employment debate

Winston Peters suggested the "only job at risk" in New Zealand is Simon Bridges' during an employment debate in Parliament today.

The exchange began as Mr Bridges says the number of new jobs created has halved under the current Government.

"Is he concerned that job creation under his Government has more than halved from 10,000 new jobs a month to 4000 now?" the National Party leader asked.

The Acting Prime Minister disputed his outlook, saying things were actually looking up in the Kiwi job market.

"The reality is that we have the record high rate of employment among Māori and women and treasury predicts that we will be steady on about 4.5 or 4.4 per cent unemployment."

Mr Bridges then asked what effect changes to the overseas investment rule will have on the job markets and job creation.

"The very effect it is having now, none, the only job that seems to be at risk in this country is over there," Mr Peters said pointing at Mr Bridges.

The exchange between the two politicians in Question Time may be the last for a while, as Mr Peters finishes his time as Acting Prime Minister at midnight tonight.