Watch: Winston Peters stifles laughter when asked about his recent decision to quit smoking




New Zealand First leader Winston Peters had to stifle laughs today when he was asked about his recent decision to quit smoking at the party's annual convention in Auckland.

Speaking at the NZ First Convention in Auckland, Mr Peters was amused at the media's interest in his health and wellbeing.
Source: 1 NEWS

"I realised that my friends in the media were so concerned about my health and fitness that I should take their advice," he said breaking out into laughter.

Trying to get the conversation back on track Mr Peters said: "I'm at a conference for the party that is going to form the next government, stick to that, why are you going on about cigarettes?"

The interview was quickly derailed again when a reporter caused Mr Peters to start chuckling when he cheekily asked: "Did the government's tax hikes on cigarettes work then?"

Still in good humour Mr Peters replied, "hundreds of thousands of New Zealander's are waiting on every word out of this conference for a better tomorrow.

"Then somebody decides, the most important thing right now is whether Winston Peters has a cigarette."

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