Watch: Winston Peters calls Simon Bridges suggestion 32,000 workers could strike this year 'unadulterated drivel'

Winston Peters has called Simon Bridges' figures about the number of workers who could go on strike in New Zealand this year "unadultareted drivel" in a spirited debate in Parliament today.

The National Party leader stated that Mr Peters had himself made a statement this morning that 32,000 workers may be involved in strike action in New Zealand this year, when debating the issue in Question Time today.

"Does he disagree with the statement, as he said this morning, that more than 32,000 people have gone on strike or have signalled they will go on strike this year and that exceeds the number for the past nine years," Mr Bridges asked the Acting Prime Minister.

However, Mr Peters disputed the clarification around the maths involved in the figure.

"Can I say that when the leader of the opposition made the 32,000 statement he did not distinguish between those that had gone on strike and those who might go on strike, he added them all up together and as a consequence he was speaking unadulterated drivel," Mr Peters replied.

Mr Bridges then listed off a number of companies' workers, from Burger King to Premier Bacon, who were planning or currently involved in strike action.

Mr Peters responded with a quip, before going on the attack.

"Apart from bringing home the bacon we're not responsible for bacon and the other ones are a gloom list from an opposition trying to rundown the economy and the humanity of a very stable sound Government."

The two went on to have a long exchange over planned industrial action that include nurses striking, with Mr Bridges concerned that there will be a shutdown of critical services.

Mr Peters said the Government was hopeful that a resolution could be met with workers before strike actions commenced and one budget will not fix nine years of neglect.