Watch: 'Why should I have to pay for someone's honeymoon?!' Brodie Kane does NOT like being asked to give cash in favour of wedding gifts




Is it rude for couples to ask for money in favour of a wedding present?

The Breakfast team was divided, but Brodie Kane says she doesn’t believe guests should pay for a couple’s "love and happiness".
Source: Breakfast

It's become more and more common as many couples like the option of choosing what to do with generosity bestowed on them on their wedding day.

TVNZ's Breakfast programme was divided on the issue, with Brodie Kane taking a particularly strong stance.

"Why should I have to pay for their love and happiness?" Kane demanded.

Hilary Barry was also on the fence, saying she doesn't like the idea of "paying for someone's bathroom renovation".

Rachel Ramsey from NZ Weddings magazine told Breakfast asking for cash is okay, but giving an option for a present is ideal.

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