Watch: Who's looked more confident fronting the media during the coalition negotiations - Bill or Jacinda?

It's been a standoff of epic proportions between Bill English and Jacinda Ardern as the New Zealand media niggle them for any information on how talks with Winston Peters have gone - but who of the two leaders has actually looked more confident?

Bill English talked to media before briefing National MPs on the agreement struck with NZ First. Source: 1 NEWS

Jacinda's wink to camera vs Bill's announcement that he's "satisfied" with the agreements reached with Mr Peters got tongues wagging as the coalition saga rumbled on.

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If visibility is anything to go by, the National leader has been noticeably more available to the press over the last two days than Ms Ardern.

This morning, Mr English held a press conference in Wellington where he signaled from the National Party's end, they are happy with the deal brokered with New Zealand First

"The agreements that we've reached in my view would be able to form the basis of a strong and stable government," Mr English said.  

"If the question is could we work with New Zealand First then certainly our discussions indicate that we can."

The National leader exited a coalition chat with Mr Peters tonight, involving just the two of them, in Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr English was also briefly interviewed Tuesday night exiting a one-on-one late night chat with Mr Peters which he described as a "good meeting" which would hopefully lead to "more to say in the next few days".

Ms Ardern had a similar one-on-one meeting that night but was not caught by the press, whatever can be deduced from that.

A wink in a post-talks video at the weekend was 'extraordinarily badly timed', says the Labour leader. Source: Breakfast

And from the Labour leader's end generally, well, there was that wink on an official Labour Party video address, which she claims, was nothing more than an accidental face twitch.

In the video, Ms Ardern addresses her supporters ending with, "but for now, we've got a little wait on our hands", as she winks at the camera.

Speaking a day later about the sly wink, Ms Ardern joked she was completely unaware she had done it.

"This is breaking news. I appear to have a twitch of some description," she laughed.

Winston Peters might have identical policy agreements with both Labour and National, says the 1 NEWS political team. Source: 1 NEWS

"I did not even realise at the time that I’d done it. My father actually told me last night he has the same affliction.

Ms Ardern described it as "extraordinarily badly timed".

However, the Labour leader does seem to have been less publicly prominent over the last few days, despite ongoing negotiations between Labour and New Zealand First still being reported.

Of course both leaders, including the entire media industry, have repeatedly said they have no real idea which way Winston Peters will go, and there have been no leaks from the New Zealand First caucus.

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann looks ahead to today's big announcement on the formation of NZ's government. Source: 1 NEWS

All the coalition negotiation clues will surely be easier to decipher in retrospect, as the nation waits on Winston for that to be a reality.