Watch: 'We've got each other' - Christchurch couple break down after seeing home of 25 years in ruins from fire




It was a three-storey family home Doug and Vikki Pflaum had owned since 1992 - now it's a pile of charred rubble.

The Christchurch couple, who owned a house in the fire-stricken suburb of Cashmere, broke down when they spoke to 1 NEWS today about how they endured "one hell of a week".

Cashmere's Doug and Vikki Pflaum couldn't hold back the tears after losing their family home in the Port Hills fire.
Source: 1 NEWS

Losing their house in the Port Hill fires, which flared up on Monday, was the last blow.

Vikki told 1 NEWS a close family friend had recently committed suicide. Then, last Thursday, another close family friend died after suffering from a stroke. 

She then found out yesterday that another lot of close friends had welcomed their first baby.

She told 1 NEWS she and her husband got all the "important stuff" out of the house. 

Vikki also wanted to reassure family members that they were fine.

"Our family's fine, and they are the most important thing in the whole world," she said.

When 1 NEWS spoke to Doug, after he looked through a pair of binoculars from afar to see what damage the fire had done to his house, he choked back tears.

The fire had destroyed most of the house, except an eastern wall. Everything else had collapsed.

"We are devout Christians and we are standing on a promise that all things work together for good," Vikki told 1 NEWS.

"Even out of the fire and the ashes, something is going to rise out of this."

Vikki isn't drowning in the sorrows of losing her home, she's looking up.

In a few days she and Doug will celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary. In the next couple of months, she will then fly to the UK to meet "my new grandbaby".

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