Watch: Wellington actor's hilarious lockdown family dance music video

While many are turning to movies and music to keep themselves entertained during the coronavirus loackdown, Wellington actor Jack Buchanan thought he'd create his own music video.

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Jack Buchanan convinced his family to get their bogie on for a lockdown family music video. Source: Breakfast

Jack convinced his family to star in a music video called The Family Lockdown Bogie which has kept many entertained and caused many laughs during the coronavirus lockdown after he posted it on social media.

"That's been pretty special." 

The video stars his mum, dad and his sister. 

Convincing his family to be a part of the fun was easier than he thought says Jack.

"Yup, no questions asked."

Watch The Family Lockdown Bogie in the video above. 

Our 1 NEWS team would like to contact people ‘inside their bubbles’ to see how they’re managing nearly two weeks into the lockdown.

We’re especially keen to talk to families and older people about the experiences they’re having.

Ideally, we’d like to skype them tomorrow – preferably in the morning. Feel free to share this message with whānau and friends.

Please contact if you, or anyone you know is interested.