Watch: Upper Hutt Posse frontman goes on astonishing rant while accepting legacy award at VMAs - 'death to all oppressors'

Frontman for hip-hop pioneers Upper Hutt Posse, Dean Hapeta, has gone on a remarkable tirade at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, as his group were honoured with a legacy award.

In a controversial speech, Hapeta called for "death to all oppressors".

Hapeta said, "Where’s that Prime Minister, even if it was a fake acting one up here? I got some words for you: all of our armed forces and military that have been fighting in these fake wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for oil, for USA imperialism – get outta there! What you need to be doing is going to Palestine to fight against the racist terrorism of the Israeli state. That is where all of our fighting energy needs to be.

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Marlon Williams and Six60 were the big winners at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards, with Alien Weaponry honoured for the first time as well. Source: 1 NEWS

"And also, even more, get to the Mexican-USA border and defend that caravan of indigenous people seeking refugee status in the United Snakes of Ameri-KKK-a. They’re seeking refuge because their countries have been wrecked by that colonial power known as the USA.

"Death to all oppressors!"

The event was held at the Spark Arena in Auckland, with Marlon Williams taking out the top prize.

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Newcomers Drax Project took away single of the year of their song Woke Up Late. Source: Breakfast

Six60 claimed five awards, the biggest haul of the evening.