Watch: 'Totally open mind' – Winston Peters says he could go either way as negotiation talks finally draw to a close




NZ First leader Winston Peters says he still hasn't come to any kind of decision ahead of his final talks with National and Labour scheduled for this afternoon and evening respectively.

Peters says he expects his board to be the same way when they meet on Saturday.
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Mr Peters wants his board to take the same "open minded" approach as him when they meet to thrash out a final decision, having said today that members will most likely not meet before Saturday.

"I said I would go into it with a totally open mind and I've asked my board and caucus to take the same approach," Mr Peters said.

Our Political Editor reflects on a day when Winston Peters told the nation they would have to wait for a decision over a coalition deal.
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Initially a decision was due to be made today, but due to the 'logistics' of getting his board members together, it seems no decision will be made until the weekend at the earliest.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern came out of the latest talks saying a "robust process" had been followed.

"It has been an important process we need to make sure we are making a considered decision about the future of New Zealand," she said. 

The board of NZ First, which could help determine New Zealand's next government, has been revealed by Radio New Zealand.

The NZ First Board as of July 18, 2017 consists of:
Leader: Winston Peters
Deputy leader: Ron Mark
National officers:
President: Brent Catchpole
Vice president North Island: Julian Paul
Vice president South Island: John Thorn
Tresurer: Holly Hopkinson
Directors of the board:
Claire Ashley
Toa Greening
Robert Monds
Anne Marie Andrews
Kevin Gardener
Sue Sara

The Labour leader emerged from her latest meeting with NZ First stressing the importance of the process being undertaken.
Source: 1 NEWS

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