Watch: 'I think they are rattled' – Corin Dann says 'damage inflicted' on Labour over tax was simply too much


1 NEWS' Political Editor says the theme of the past few days has not been to Labour's advantage and they had to do something.

Speaking on 1 NEWS' Midday news today, Corin Dann described Labour's black flip on tax as "huge".

The 1 NEWS political editor says the theme of the past few days has not been to Labour's advantage.
Source: 1 NEWS

"In the context of this campaign, to come so late in the piece after so much pressure has been on them, they've clearly been rattled," Dann said.

Speaking in Greymouth today Ms Ardern says the policy flip-flop was her call.
Source: 1 NEWS

"And what they've done here is decided that, frankly, the damage inflicted upon them, on this issue of tax, has simply become too much and that out-weighs any damage that might now come to Jacinda Ardern over this issue.

"Because, remember, she made a captain's call to go with this policy of a working group on tax and leave open the possibility she might use it to implement a capital gains tax if that's what it recommended, during her policy.

Labour Finance spokesman Grant Robertson made announced the policy u-turn today.
Source: 1 NEWS

"So the change in the policy today means they would have to go to an election before they do that.

"That was the old position that Andrew Little had.

"So an extraordinary turnaround."

A new 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll, out tonight, will reveal the true extent of the impact National's attack of Labour's previously murky tax policies has had on Labour's vote.

The ad campaign is a play on Labour's campaign theme: "Let’s do this".
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In the last poll, seven days ago, Labour had extended their lead from 2 points to 4 points, on 43 per cent, with National on 39 per cent.


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