Watch: 'They've definitely got fight in them' - bubbly boys at centre of viral sensation weighed just 1kg at birth




They were the jiggling exercise board twins that became an online sensation last week, but Noah and Micah Thomas didn’t start life off so vibrantly, being born prematurely at just 27 weeks.

Noah and Micah Thomas had a rough start to life, but are now famous the world over.
Source: 1 NEWS

A home video of the Timaru twins thoroughly enjoying a ride on a vibrating fitness machine went viral last week, receiving 83 million views, and 1.5 million shares on Facebook before the footage was sold.

But speaking to 1 NEWS, the mother of the twins Kelly Thomas describes the experience of spending 100 days in Christchurch Hospital following their premature birth.

"The boys were ticking along nicely and then spontaneously at 27 weeks the boys were born," Kelly said.

"So we were rushed Christchurch hospital and the boys weighed in both at 1kg.

"Being born that premature does bring lots of other health issues and things. So now we still have to be so careful.

Noah and Micah Thomas

Noah and Micah Thomas

Source: Supplied

"Any cold illness goes straight to their lungs so we have to try and keep them as healthy as possible."

But as the video that shot them to their 15 minutes of fame shows, the twins certainly don’t let on there's anything fragile about them.

"It's just amazing from these tiny little babies that were about as big as my hand, and now they're these big boys cruising around the room and bringing joy to so many people," Kelly said.

"They've definitely got the fight in them."

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