Watch: 'They need stability' – woman in Auckland state house facing eviction after putting roof over heads of nine people


A woman living in a state house faces eviction for letting nine others live there. 

Pauline Goodwin is living in a carport so her family and friends can live in the house.
Source: 1 NEWS

She says if she didn't put a roof over their heads, they would be homeless, but Housing New Zealand says it is just not safe. 

A two-bedroom Papakura state house is home to 10 people, including four children. 

Pauline Goodwin is living in the carport so her family and friends can live in the house. 

"I'm not going to have children out on the street, that's not fair," Ms Goodwin said. 

She is supposed to live in the house with only one other person, and Housing New Zealand have told her the rest have to go. 

In a statement Housing New Zealand says "It is not safe, or healthy, or appropriate for them to be there", and says people needing emergency housing or social housing must contact the Ministry of Social Development. 

Ms Goodwin said overcrowding is better than her family and friends being on the streets. 

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