Watch: 'There are no excuses' – Judith Collins and Housing Minister Phil Twyford fire up over state housing waiting list

Debate over the housing crisis fired up today when the Housing Minister was questioned by opposition Members of Parliament.

National MP Louise Upston accused Labour of failing to fund any programmes for people outside Auckland or Hamilton.

There's been 540 social houses constructed since Labour came into office, but the state housing waiting list is at record levels – over 8000 people now languish on it.

Housing New Zealand has halted its tenancy reviews that can see people evicted for a number of reasons, since Labour took office.

Given Housing New Zealand’s reluctance to evict people, Judith Collins wanted to know what happens if neighbours complain about anti-social behaviour or other issues from a state housing tenant.

Minister Phil Twyford Twyford insisted the majority of tenants are good people who do not cause problems.

He also avoided a question on whether he'd resign if someone was sleeping in a car or on the streets, and said the Government had committed $4 billion in the latest Budget for "public homes". 

The state housing waiting list is at record levels. Source: 1 NEWS