Watch: 'That's disgusting, but delicious!' - Kiwis encouraged to eat more brains

Love Food Hate Waste believe the only part of a pig you can't eat is the squeal and they are looking to push the message with their new Nose to Tail campaign.

Nose to Tail is about eating all edible parts of the animal, from the head to the tail, including the organ meats, otherwise known as offal.

Jenny Marshall from Love Food Hate Waste told TVNZ 1's Breakfast "in general we waste a lot of food in New Zealand, the average family throws away three shopping trolleys full a year.

"Costing us as a country, $872 million, which is huge."

Ms Marshall said one of the reasons offal might have gone out of fashion with modern Kiwis is the way it is prepared.

"Other cultures like the French and Chinese cook the offal in cream, butter and exotic spices, where our grandparents boiled it all to death."

When Love Food Hate Waste took lamb brains on to the street for a blind taste test, the results were positive.

After one of the taste testers had the contents of her meal revealed she commented "that's disgusting, but delicious!"

Ms Marshall says it makes no sense not to use the whole animal and hopes the trend will catch on.

Love Food Hate Waste says Kiwis waste $872 million dollars' worth of edible food a year Source: Breakfast