Watch: 'Thanks a lot, I'll see you again soon' – Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern as polite as it gets with driver as she's dropped off at work




Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern has arrived at Parliament to begin her first day at work, hours after being propelled into power.  

How's this for making a good impression?
Source: 1 NEWS

Before heading inside to begin a day of meetings arranging who her Cabinet will be, Ms Ardern stopped to thank her driver.

"Thanks a lot, I'll see you again soon," Ms Ardern said before walking into parliament.

Ms Ardern will this afternoon meet the Labour Party caucus to elect Cabinet ministers after Winston Peters' NZ First opted to back Labour, not National, in a coalition.

Jacinda Ardern talks to Breakfast just hours after finding out she had been propelled into power.
Source: Breakfast
The issue Ardern will have to do face first is convince voters "this is a credible government", says our political editor.
Source: Breakfast

The Cabinet will include not only Ms Ardern's own MPs, but also four NZ First ministers, positions secured in the deal that allowed the two parties to form a coalition government.

Three portfolios will also be reserved for Green Party MPs who will sit outside cabinet.

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