Watch: Tearful mother of teen killed in Auckland hit-and-run angry son's killer 'never came forward'




The mother of a teenage skateboarder killed in a fatal hit-and-run in January is angry that his killer never came forward to police.

It comes after police have released CCTV footage showing the moment the man at the centre of a fatal hit and run in Auckland in January arrived home in his car.

Footage shows Zhenghang Yu staggering into his home just minutes after crashing into Jacob Pakura, who eventually died.
Source: Breakfast

"He didn't come forward. He had to get found and he only got found because somebody else has seen him drunk driving," the victim Jacob Pakura's mother Esther Pakura told 1 NEWS.  

The footage shows 34-year-old Zhenghang Yu led by his wife staggering into his West Auckland home.

Police believe he'd been drinking while Yu claims it was an allergic reaction to medication.

The video, captured on Yu's own security cameras, shows him arriving home just 15 minutes after crashing into teenager Jacob Pakura and then speeding off, leaving him to die.

It also shows the man's wife and sister checking the car for damage and taking photos.

Three days later he was arrested.

Last month Yu was sentenced to four years in prison.

"I think it's appalling that he didn't stop," says Detective Sergeant Ash Matthews from Waitakere Police.

"I think it's appalling he didn't come forward and I think it's appalling that he was only caught because of the assistance of some members of the public."

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