Watch: Tauranga iwi gains support after holding mass haka through Facebook Live in protest over harbour rights


A Tauranga iwi has gained support from around the country and even overseas, after launching a mass haka request through Facebook in a protest about harbour rights.

A confederation of iwi named Pare Hauraki proposed a settlement deed which recognises their interests in the Tauranga harbour.

If signed with the crown, it would mean the confederation would participate in co-governance and integrated management of the Tauranga Harbour. 

In protest of the deed, Tauranga iwi Ngai Te Rangi launched a 'mass haka', where schools, groups and communities showed their support. 

Hakas even came in from as far away as London and Hawaii.  

Mass haka lead co-ordinator Meremaihi Aloua said they put the request out to all schools across Tauranga and across the country to use the hashtags #manamoana and #manatangata and to live stream their haka through Facebook at 12pm today.

"Whether it is one person doing the haka in Countdown... or a group of you at mahi (work)," the description read. 

Ms Aloua said the response had been "awesome". 

"We had live streaming coming from Australia and London. They wanted to support as well."

She said the most surprising response came from the support given from the South Island. 

"Only because it's nowhere near Tauranga, or not involved, for them to be able to do that we’re very humbled. It just encourages us to carry on what were doing and make us believe."

Ngai Te Rangi says the deal including a neighbouring set of tribes is wrong.
Source: 1 NEWS

Pare Hauraki is a confederation of iwi that will soon have rights recognised in relation to the harbour.

That confederation has said that their region stretches from Matakana Island through to Matakana, north of Auckland.

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