Watch: Take a tour of the new $300 million prison wing housing NZ's worst criminals

Auckland Prison has added a new hi-tech maximum security wing at a cost of $300 million.

The prison, located in Paremoremo Albany, was built 50 years ago and was due an upgrade to help house prisoners safely, according to Auckland Prison Director Andy Langley.

"It was 50 years since the last prison like this was opened in New Zealand so it's absolutely amazing. There are clean lines of sight so the staff can work much more safely with no blind spots and each wing has its own exercise yard and its own day room," Mr Langley told 1 NEWS.

According to a release from Auckland Prison the prison's overall capacity will remain at 680 and the new facility will house 260 prisoners.

It was built by way of a public private partnership between the Crown and the consortium Next Step Partners.

Mr Langley says the "latest technology in terms of electronic security systems are available in this facility."

A number of staff are already working in the new wing and prisoners will begin to be moved in from mid-September of this year.

Watch the video at the top of the article for a tour around the new facility.

A new maximum security wing has opened at Auckland Prison at Paremoremo, which will house up to 260 inmates. Source: 1 NEWS