Watch: 'Stupid bloody roundabout' blamed for oversize truck getting stranded on SH1




The New Zealand Transport Agency says its new $3.6m roundabout is not to blame after an oversize truck became stranded on it.

Despite having pilot vehicles, the truckie came a cropper on the Spring Creek roundabout on State Highway 1.
Source: 1 NEWS

The truck was carrying a long piece of a crane through the roundabout at Spring Creek north of Blenheim on State Highway 1, and was accompanied by pilot vehicles when it became stranded on Wednesday.

Witness Hazel Pink posted footage to YouTube, blaming the "stupid bloody roundabout" for the problem.

Some truck drivers have already come a cropper on a roundabout between Blenheim and Picton.
Source: 1 NEWS

The undercarriage of the truck scraped over the centre of the roundabout, dislodging soil and causing some damage to the kerbing.

Local business owners have complained about several traffic incidents on the roundabout since it opened about six weeks ago.

The NZTA, however, told the Marlborough Express the roundabout's width was not at fault and that other vehicles of similar size had successfully navigated it.

"All over-length and over-size vehicles are covered by permits to travel on our roads and the onus is on them and the operators of their pilot or guiding vehicles to ensure they do not damage the highway or highway infrastructure like bridges and roundabouts or hold up other drivers," transport system manager Frank Porter said.

The damage will be repaired by NZTA crews and the truck company would be pursued to pay for it.

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