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'We hid all the knives because we were scared of what he might do' - sister of man who killed Christie Marceau

The sister of Akshay Chand has told the Christie Marceau inquest that she was terrified of her brother and scared of what he might do.

Shayal Chand was a 17-year-old college student at the time her brother kidnapped Christie Marceau and threatened her with a knife in early September, 2011.

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Shayal testified her brother was very quiet and never spoke much to her or her mother.

She said when her brother was in hospital after an attempted suicide in the wake of his attack on Christie, Police came and searched their home.  

Police told her what had happened and she said she was very scared.

Shayal said when her brother was released on bail in October, she never discussed the attack on Christie with him and she didn't think her mother had either.

"I just did not want to be anywhere near him," Shayal said. She told the inquest she spent as much time away from home as possible.

"Me and my mum hid all the knives in the house and I remember hiding even the small knives," she said. 

"We did this because we were both scared about what he might do."

Shayal said she was home on study leave and woke up later than usual on the day Christie was killed. 

She described seeing her brother's bedroom door open and immediately searching the house and backyard.  Within minutes, she said, she called her mother.

Chand's bail conditions never properly explained, his mother tells inquest

Akshay Chand's mother has told the inquest that her son's bail conditions were never properly explained to her and if they had been, she would not have accepted them.

"At no time was I given to understand that I had a responsibility to ensure Akshay was supervised by an adult at my home 24/7," Suchita Chand told the inquest.

"Because of my work, there is no way I could have done that and I would not have agreed to provide."

Under cross-examination, Ms Chand agreed that court records show that she was in court for her son's bail hearing and that the conditions of bail were discussed in the court.


The aunt of Akshay Chand said she couldn't remember discussing how 24/7 supervision would work.

"It's too long ago and I just can't remember sorry."

Amita Williams said she didn't know the bail condition meant either she or Chand's mother would have to be in his company 24/7. She thought it meant he would have to be at the house 24/7.

Ms Williams said she couldn't always be there when Ms Chand wasn't home as she had a son to care for and lived at another property. This included when Ms Chand left for work around 6.30am in the morning and Ms Williams had to take her son to school.

Whenever Ms Williams called Akshay or turned up unannounced to check on him, he answered or was home, she said.

Many of today's questions couldn’t be answered as Ms Williams said she couldn’t remember.

The mother of Christie Marceau was visibly frustrated throughout the questioning, saying "just answer the question," and storming out of the courtroom swearing at one point.

The inquest will continue tomorrow.

Christie Marceau was stabbed to death in 2011 by Akshay Chand. Source: 1 NEWS


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