Watch: Speaker Trevor Mallard apologises after accusing Simon Bridges of making 'smart a***' comments in Parliament

Speaker Trevor Mallard apologised today after accusing National leader Simon Bridges of making "smart a***" comments in Parliament.

The incident began when Trevor Mallard took umbrage with an out of turn exchange between Mr Bridges and Finance Minister Grant Robertson's during Question Time.

"Mr Robertson you will stand withdraw and apologise, I think we've had some very poor examples from the two most senior Government members in the House today," the Speaker said, singling out the Finance Minister for his role in the interruption.

After an apology by Mr Robertson, Mr Bridges then rose to make a point of order.

"When he says two most senior does he mean me and Grant Robertson? What about Winston Peters?" Mr Bridges said.

It was this point of order that drew a pointed response from a fed-up Speaker.

"There was an argument happening between Mr Robertson and himself, he was lucky [Bridges] not to be singled out in the way Mr Robertson was and I use the time to indicate a general level of dissatisfaction with the senior members of the Government.

"Frankly comments that are smart a*** from the leader of the Opposition by way of a disorderly point of order in the way I have just warned David Seymour of is not at all helpful," Mr Mallard said.

His comments didn't sit well with National MP Gerry Brownlee, who rose to defend his leader.

"Mr Speaker it's surprising to hear you use language like that directed at the leader of the Opposition when you are at the same time calling for more order and decorum in the House," Mr Brownlee said.

Mr Mallard then himself withdrew and apologised for his comments before chastising the pair again.

"I want to reinforce the fact that I have had more than enough of points of order that are nothing but disorderly and Mr Bridges and Mr Robertson are the two worst offenders."