Watch: SPCA calls for doggy day-care regulations after spike in attacks




The SPCA is pushing for regulations in the doggy daycare industry after a spike in attacks. 

The SPCA are going to start proactively checking known boarding kennels and dog hotels to check things are being run properly.
Source: Breakfast

This month an Auckland daycare was shut down after the death of a dog in their care. 

SPCA acting chief executive Andrea Midgen said the daycare for dogs, which can vary from open fields to enclosed buildings, should be regulated like childcare.

Speaking on TVNZ's Breakfast today Ms Midgen said: "Unfortunately there are no regulations. You can go set up a doggy daycare tomorrow, whether you know anything about dogs or not. It is crazy."

She said regulations have been drafted to better protect dogs, but the Government and the committees needed "to get cracking" to get them through. 

The SPCA want regulations to define the environment, the number of minders to look after the dogs, as well as separation between big and small dogs.  

"The staff to dog ratio is particularly important. If something goes wrong, how do you deal with that?"

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