Watch: Snapshots of New Zealand's history discovered during rare look inside London's Getty Images archive




A snapshot of New Zealand history has been discovered during a rare look inside a London vault of more than 80 million Getty Images from around the world. 

The collection contains a vast array of photographic gems from the 1800s to the present day.
Source: 1 NEWS

The collection of photographs from around the world dates back to the 1800s which are stored at the Getty Images' Hulton archive. 

Matthew Butson, Vice President of Hulton Archive, says told 1 NEWS Europe Correspondent Emma Keeling, "If you were to say let's look at every NZ picture you've got here we'd be here months."

New Zealand has it's own box stored in a locked room, which contains photos of Christchurch which date back to 1870. 

Around 30,000 images from the archive are digitised each year as part of an ongoing programme to preserve the images. 

"We have a cold store where we're putting more of our fragile material in there, what we call diasitate negatives", Mr Butson said.

A team of 20 people are on site including specialists who look after the images. 

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