Watch: Simon Bridges says Government's plastic bag ban is a distraction and won't make any difference

Simon Bridges has called the Government's plastic bag ban a "distraction" and says it won't make any difference.

Mr Bridges thinks that falling business confidence should be the Government's sole focus right now. Source: 1 NEWS

His comments came after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage today announced the move to phase out the bags over the next year, with a six month phase-out period proposed.

Speaking outside Massey University in Palmerston North today, the National Party leader gave his thoughts on the announcement.

"I don't think the plastic bag ban is going to make any difference, supermarkets and consumers were moving toward doing the right thing anyway.

"Ultimately, it's a big distraction from the issue the Prime Minister must be focusing on at the moment which is a business confidence crisis that will have a real impact on New Zealanders jobs and household spending," Mr Bridges said.

The Government's move comes after a petition with 65,000 signatures called for a ban on the single-use bags.

The Prime Minister made the announcement today in Auckland to phase out plastic bags over the next year. Source: 1 NEWS

The public are able to give their views on the change until September 14, which includes options when the complete phase-out date should be and retailers that should be exempt.