Watch: 'Show them who's boss' - AUT student's sassy graduation video goes viral

Graduation ceremonies are known for their pomp, their ceremony and their gravitas.

Unless you're Eteroa Lafoele, that is, then it's a slay fest.

Dancing and strutting her way across the stage, her AUT graduation video has gone viral.

Eteroa told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp about the moment inspiration hit.

"It was very dead, but I had a moment. I spent 30k on this piece of paper and mum and dad were in the audience, so I thought I'd just let loose.

"Show them who's boss," she said.

Her 23 seconds of stage time won't soon be forgotten. Eteroa says there are plenty of opportunities in life to "own it".

"Owning it, slaying it. Life only comes once. Take 20 secs of life to appreciate it, cos it's amazing."

With her computer science degree in hand, she is now ready to own the software development industry.

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Seven Sharp’s Carolyn Robinson spoke with Eteroa Lafoele. Source: Seven Sharp