Watch: Should we read anything into the wink? Jacinda Ardern says 'she appears to have a twitch'




Jacinda Ardern has dispelled speculation about the meaning of a sly wink she made during a video she posted over the weekend.


A wink in a post-talks video at the weekend was 'extraordinarily badly timed', says the Labour leader.
Source: Breakfast

In the video, Ms Ardern is addressing supporters and as she says, "but for now, we've got a little wait on our hands", she winks at the camera. 

The Labour leader said on TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning it was nothing more than an accidental face twitch. 

"This is breaking news," she joked with Breakfast host Hilary Barry.

"I appear to have a twitch of some description.

"I did not even realise at the time that I’d done it. My father actually told me last night he has the same affliction."

Ms Ardern described it as "extraordinarily badly timed". 

NZ First's caucus and board held an inconclusive meeting yesterday to decide whether National or Labour would lead the next government. It went on into the night and will reconvene this morning.

Ms Ardern said this morning she was in the dark over the timing of the process and when NZ First's decision will be announced, but said she was pleased the negotiations had been focused primarily around policy. 

The Labour team was all smiles after emerging from the talks this evening.
Source: 1 NEWS

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