Watch: Severe rain scars farmland and causes debris to swamp roads stranding dozens at Blue Duck Station in Ruapehu District

Dozens of people, including tourists and a heavily pregnant woman are isolated in the Ruapehu District after torrential rain overnight.

Blue Duck Station, located on the banks of the Whanganui and Retaruke Rivers surrounded by Whanganui National Park, is a tourist hotspot that's been left severely damaged after heavy downpours in the region overnight.

Owner and manager of the station Dan Steele told 1 NEWS the worst of the rain hit at about 1am causing landslides and "turning roads to rivers".

About 100 guests, mostly international tourists, were on site and Mr Steele and his team spent the night shuffling people around and making sure everyone was safe.

There weren't just guests to take care of, a few canoeists are stranded at the station, and some cyclists taking part in Tour Aotearoa. 

Mr Steele said his wife Sandy is currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins, and he hopes to keep her calm and avoid a birth on site.

As morning broke the damage became clear, roads are blocked off, there's no power and he expects there to be over 100 slips around the land but has been unable to assess all the damage as farm access-ways are blocked.

This afternoon generators are being flown in, to get power back up, and Mr Steele hopes a hot meal will keep everyones spirits up.

He will head out to survey the land and check on livestock in a helicopter this afternoon.

Ruapehu Emergency Management Officer Nick Watson said slips on the access road and a flooded river had cut access to the lodge.

"Ruapehu Civil Defence has been in contact with the lodge owners and organised for a helicopter and food to be dropped in which arrived around 15:30 this afternoon,” he said.

“They advise that everyone is warm, safe and happy for tonight with enough supplies for tonight and into tomorrow.

We will be watching the weather situation overnight and making a decision on evacuations in the morning," he said.

This isn't the first time the station has suffered some devastating damage, in March last year a storm caused similar damage.

"I think we're going to cancel March next year," joked Mr Steele.

"It's pretty disheartening, but you got to stay positive, we'll try and find a silver lining."

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