Watch: 'It is seriously difficult'- Winston Peters says a decision still hasn't been made over coalition




NZ First leader Winston Peters has emerged from a caucus meeting with the news he still hasn't got a decision to give to New Zealand on which party he'll back to form a government with.

With an announcement expected later today, Peters has yet to confirm that will definitely happen, though he did say "we hope to complete it".

"It is seriously difficult, because there are pros and cons for every part of this decision we've got make," he told reporters as he took a break to eat "breakfast", even though it was about 1pm.

"We've got one more chance to evaluate what it means both ways," he said.

Peters went on to say that "we'll go back and we've got a few hours to go, but we hope to complete it".

The NZ First leader is due to make an announcement on which way his party will go this afternoon.
Source: 1 NEWS

His comments come on a day when millions of voters expected to be told whether NZ First would back a coalition with National or a Labour Party supported by the Greens.

Earlier today, National Party leader Bill English says "he is satisfied" the agreement his party has reached with NZ First would enable a "strong and cohesive" government - but doesn't know which way Peters will go.

Peters said last night he was not giving away any hints of which way he will go when he makes his long-awaited announcement.

Bill English talked to media before briefing National MPs on the agreement struck with NZ First.
Source: 1 NEWS

The National Party caucus started a meeting in Wellington at 11am to update MPs on coalition talks, followed by a teleconference with the board.

English said, however, before the meeting he didn't have an indication of which way Peters would go and would "not discuss" any part of the negotiations.

Mr Peters is heading into more talks with his caucus this afternoon and says there’s "a few hours to go yet."
Source: 1 NEWS

"Our indications show we can work with NZ First," he said.

English said "like everyone else, we look forward to" Peters' decision.

When asked today if Cabinet positions had been discussed with Peters, English replied "that has been discussed as part of the agreement".

The Labour Party caucus held a teleconference at the same time. 

Nearly four weeks on from the election, and after weeks of negotiation talks, Peters says he believes the party is coming to a consensus on a coalition in a "timely manner".

Peters says the discussions have been "substantial" with Labour and National over these last couple of weeks.

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