Watch: Rousing haka on Sydney Harbour Bridge to 'help break the silence around men's mental health'




Sydneysiders have never seen anything like it - 14 people with Maori heritage performing a rousing haka at the summit of the famed harbour bridge.

The event, organised by BridgeClimb Sydney and men's mental health charity Haka For Life, was to help raise awareness of men's mental health.

The 13 men and one woman did the bridge climb to take up position 134 metres above the harbour at the summit of the iconic bridge, which organisers say is a symbol of bringing people and cultures together.

The haka selected for the occasion was Ngati Toa Rangatira, Ka Mate, a celebration of life over death and the same haka the All Blacks are seen performing prior to their games.

Well known moves were performed in unison as the group passionately chanted to help break the silence around men's mental health.

"We are here to perform the Haka on a powerful symbol, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to help raise awareness for men's mental health," said Leon Ruri, lead performer and Haka for Life founder.

"Too many men live in silence, struggling to communicate with those around them, in a way that brings loving meaning to life," Mr Ruri said.

"When Haka is performed, silence does not exist! It requires a man to be vulnerable in his expression of himself, but in doing this, makes him incredibly powerful in his communication to those around him," he said. 

It was the first time a haka has been performed at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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