Watch: Rousing haka on Sydney Harbour Bridge to 'help break the silence around men's mental health'

Sydneysiders have never seen anything like it - 14 people with Maori heritage performing a rousing haka at the summit of the famed harbour bridge.

The event, organised by BridgeClimb Sydney and men's mental health charity Haka For Life, was to help raise awareness of men's mental health.

The 13 men and one woman did the bridge climb to take up position 134 metres above the harbour at the summit of the iconic bridge, which organisers say is a symbol of bringing people and cultures together.

The haka selected for the occasion was Ngati Toa Rangatira, Ka Mate, a celebration of life over death and the same haka the All Blacks are seen performing prior to their games.

Well known moves were performed in unison as the group passionately chanted to help break the silence around men's mental health.

"We are here to perform the Haka on a powerful symbol, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to help raise awareness for men's mental health," said Leon Ruri, lead performer and Haka for Life founder.

"Too many men live in silence, struggling to communicate with those around them, in a way that brings loving meaning to life," Mr Ruri said.

"When Haka is performed, silence does not exist! It requires a man to be vulnerable in his expression of himself, but in doing this, makes him incredibly powerful in his communication to those around him," he said. 

It was the first time a haka has been performed at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Meridian discards 'prompt payment discounts' for fairer treatment of struggling Kiwis

One of New Zealand's major power companies has replaced its so-called prompt payment discounts, saying they simply penalise people who struggle to pay their bills.

This move from Meridian Energy comes just days after a Government investigation into electricity prices, which questioned the fairness of the practice.

Budgeting advisers deal with the fallout from steep energy prices on a daily basis.

"We see many people who are constantly being disconnected who find power to be a very significant part of their spending," says Tim Bennett, chief executive of National Building Financial Capability Charity Trust.

This week, a government investigation found those who can't afford to pay their bills on time are being charged up to 26 per cent more for their power.

That's because power companies offer so-called "prompt payment discounts," which look like savings but are really just penalties for those who pay late.

Meridian Energy has now officially pulled the plug on the practice. 

"We're getting rid of the prompt payment discount because it's fundamentally unfair, especially to customers who struggle to pay their bills," says chief executive Neal Barclay.

The move has been welcomed by Energy Minister Megan Woods.

"I'm absolutely thrilled by the leadership that Meridian's showing today, that they've listened to what I think are really compelling arguments - that essentially we had a penalty for those who struggle to pay their power bills the most."

"It's great, I think really they were misleading and they were late payment penalty fees most impacting low income Kiwis and I urge other retailers to do it as well," says Green MP Gareth Hughes. 

"One company at least has seen sense and is going to treat people fairly regardless of how much income they've got," added Mr Bennett.

The Meridian logo Source: 1 NEWS

Other major power companies were contacted by 1 NEWS to see if they'd follow suit.

While Genesis, Contact and Mercury have no plans to ditch their prompt payment discounts, Trustpower is considering it.

Smaller retailers like Pulse Energy, who have already ditched the practice, call the payments deceptive and want them gone for good.

Meridian is set to replace the discount scheme with credits of equal value for all customers and says no one will be worse off. 

"The total cost to us is $5 million so that's money back into those customers' pockets," says Mr Barclay.

The government is now considering further actions to bring prices down. 

The move comes just days after government investigation into electricity prices questioned the fairness of the practice. Source: 1 NEWS

Elderly woman in critical condition after being run over by reversing car in Palmerston North

An elderly woman is in a critical condition after being run over by a reversing car in Palmerston North this morning.

Police say she was run over by a car reversing from a driveway on Grey St, Palmerston North at 11am.

She is currently in a critical condition at Palmerston North Hospital.

Police say members of the public and the driver of the car assisted the woman at the scene.



NSW woman who killed new boyfriend with carving knife on suspicion he killed her cat jailed for 12 years

A NSW woman who suspected her new boyfriend had killed her cat has been jailed for at least 12 years for fatally stabbing him in the back with a large carving knife.

Rachel Impson, 42, was found guilty in April of murdering Michael "Mick" Insley one night in October 2014 on an isolated and dark island in the Lake Illawarra region, after he turned up outside her tent, uninvited and without notice.

In jailing her in the NSW Supreme Court today, Justice Michael Walton found there had been "a degree of provocation" by Mr Insley towards Impson, who was in a "heightened emotional state", not only due to the death of her cat Angel but also because of her mental health disorders.


PM pulls out of weekend media appearances due to 'diary issue'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has pulled out of two weekend media appearances due to a "diary issue". 

Ms Ardern's appearances on TVNZ's Q+A and Newshub Nation were cancelled this weekend. 

"There's been a bit of a diary issue in my team. That's something they've worked through.

When asked if she was not appearing due to a tough few weeks, which saw Clare Curran resign from her Ministerial positions and MP Meka Whitiri stand down while an investigation is pending, Ms Ardern said "absolutely not". 

"There's no question I remain very much available for comment on any issue of the day."

When asked if she was not appearing due to a tough few weeks, Ms Ardern said "absolutely not". Source: 1 NEWS