Watch: Roofer describes racing to help elderly lady after car crashes into Wellington Harbour

A group of Wellington roofers rushed into the cold water in Evans Bay to help rescue an elderly woman from her car, after it crashed into Wellington Harbour off the seawall this afternoon.

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"I'd do it for anybody," Ben told 1 NEWS. Source: 1 NEWS

Simply wanting to be known as Ben, one of the first tradies into the water described what happened during the incident.

"We were up on the roof on the hill working and we saw the car go flying off the cliff so we dropped our tools and ran down there.

"When we got here, there were people trying to flip the car over - so we tied the work van to the strops and pulled the car over and then the cops and everyone turned up," Ben told 1 NEWS.

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The car looks to have crashed through a wooden barrier, ending up in the ocean. Source: 1 NEWS

He didn't have any second thoughts about potentially putting himself in harms way.

"Do it for anyone, I'd do the same for my nan."

Upon reaching the woman Ben said she, "seemed ok just cold" adding, "it felt good to help someone out."

The woman was eventually hoisted up a seawall on a stretcher and taken to hospital with moderate injuries.