Watch: Road workers' loving gesture of looking after thousands of flowers for Christchurch terror attack victims

Christchurch road worker Jay Waaka was among a team of 10 who moved thousands of flowers placed in the middle of Deans Ave for the victims of the terror attacks on Friday.

The heartfelt effort saw Mr Waaka and his colleagues move the flowers carefully and placed them all sitting upright on the side of the road so that vehicles are able to access the mosque.

"There's layers of flowers, it’s not just what you see on the top, there's thousands under there." Mr Waaka told TVNZ's John Campbell.

Mr Waaka says so often cards would fall out with messages of support written on them.

The recurring theme within the messages were to "stay strong" according to Mr Waaka.

"We're all in this together, nobody that has to deal with this is going through it alone," he said.

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Jay Waaka said the bouquets needed to be moved from the middle of the road, so they did so with love and care. Source: Breakfast