Watch: 'I regret my actions and I'm sorry' - former cop admits looking in police computer system at private details of women he wanted to pursue


A former police officer has pleaded guilty to 21 counts of illegally accessing a computer for dishonest purposes.

Jeremy Malifa, 34, accessed private records of women in Police systems 21 times.
Source: 1 NEWS

Jeremy Malifa, 34, accessed the personal details of women he was attracted to, to establish relationships with them - the court heard - some of them sexual.

Malfia will be sentenced at a later date - the judge has indicated home detention is a possibility.

The offending occurred over five years. The judge said his offending was "sustained and repetitive."

The court heard Malifa's actions brought shame and embarrassment to the police and may have made it difficult for women to trust other male officers.

Speaking outside court today Malifa told media: "I regret my actions and I'm sorry".

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