Watch: Rapper Scribe speaks after being found guilty of possessing meth - 'I love you, I'm coming back'

The rapper known as Scribe has been found guilty of possessing methamphetamine but has avoided a more serious charge of possession of an offensive weapon.

Appearing in Christchurch District Court today witnesses detailed being confronted by the 38-year-old, real name Malo Luafutu, in an incident in April last year outside the former Linwood League Clubrooms.

Luafutu swore and shouted while holding a baseball bat after finding a couples car parked across the driveway.

The couple, who had been given permission to live on the site in their mobile home, attempted to calm Luafutu down before calling the police.

Police arrested the rapper and found methamphetamine on him, and a softball bat in the trunk of the car he was in.

Judge Raoul Neave argued although he possessed the bat, he had it legally and there was no clear sign he was going to use it for violent purposes.

Luafutu was also let off on charges for possessing a meth pipe and failing to appear in court based on a lack of evidence.

Luafutu has been remanded on bail and will reappear in court on May 23rd for sentencing.

Wearing a baseball cap and talking on a mobile Malo Luafutu didn’t say a lot after leaving Christchurch District Court. Source: 1 NEWS