Watch: 'Probably cost me a shout' - Kelvin Davis jokes about 'ribbing' expected from cousins while leading NZ in PM's absence

Kelvin Davis says being acting Prime Minister while Jacinda Ardern attends the APEC summit is an "honour" although he admits it will lead to a bit of a "ribbing" from his cousins up north.

Mr Davis will step into the role of acting Prime Minister when Ms Ardern leaves for the APEC summit in Vietnam today and is expecting to be given some grief for it by family back home.

"It's an honour, I think my cousins up north though will give me a bit of a ribbing for this and it will probably cost me a shout at the Kaitaia RSA the next time I'm in there," he said at Parliament today.

The Labour deputy leader is under no illusions who is really in charge though.

Trade, China and immigration will be on the agenda for the new Prime Minister. Source: Breakfast

"We all know that Jacinda's in charge and I know when I get home to Kaitaia I'm definitely in second place there," Mr Davis said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be making her first appearance in Vietnam tomorrow giving an address on renewable energy with the Vice President of Exxon Mobil.

The Acting PM says it’ll be an "honour" to lead the country while Jacinda Ardern is at APEC. Source: 1 NEWS