Watch: President Trump's cringe-worthy paper towel throwing gesture to Puerto Ricans



Associated Press

US President Donald Trump handed out supplies on today at a church in Puerto Rico.

The US President began lobbing hurricane relief supplies into a sedate crowd of Puerto Ricans during today's visit.
Source: Associated Press

About 200 local residents were gathered at Calvary Chapel, cheering Trump as he walked in.

The president shook hands and handed people flashlights and bags of rice.

A few times, he tossed paper towel rolls into the crowd.

Surrounded by a sea of cellphone cameras, Trump said, "There's a lot of love in this room," and called those in attendance, "Great people".

As he walked into the church, Trump told reporters the job that's been done on the island by FEMA and other responders, is "nothing short of a miracle".

Trump said Puerto Rico's electrical power is "being fixed," adding that that the power grid was "devastated before the hurricanes even hit".

He said lots of generators have been brought to the island and most hospitals are at least partially open.

The president has come under fire for what critics said was a slow response to the devastation.

Maria wiped out power to Puerto Rico's 3.4 million people and left them short of food, water and supplies.

At least 16 people died.

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